Top 5 Lending Marketplaces

Top 5 Lending Marketplaces

The kind of potential the concept of sharing economy holds is just unbelievable. Every business venture of modern times embraces the concept of sharing economy in one way or other. When something as good as this pops up, society in whole gets benefited. Companies like Uber and eBay had made their mark on the industry with flying color. All sorts of businesses are using p2p marketplaces to give the new dimension to their work. All you need is a peer to peer marketplace website and you are good to go. You can create your own community and call out for action as you want. Here we are going to talk about the lending marketplaces.

Finance is a prominent industry and with the concept of sharing economy, things have changed for people. There are marketplaces where lending and borrowing takes place. Individuals can lend and borrow money without the involvement of any government or private financial institution. Such p2p marketplace websitesconnect lenders and borrowers faster plus this way process remains cheaper for participants. Here is discussing 5 lending marketplaces to give you the glimpse of how it works-

  • Lending Loop-

Lending Loop is Canada’s first lending peer to peer marketplace that effectively focuses on small businesses. People needing capital on fair interest rates can use this platform. The same platform allows lenders to see the borrowers’ requirement and lend him money if they are fine with the deal. This is simple easy and effective all at the same time.

  • CommunityLend Finance Inc-

If you are well aware of the proceedings taking place in Canadian financial industry, then there are fair chances you would have heard of this company. It is Canada’s fastest growing sales finance company. It is a bit different kind of marketplace and with research you will know more about it.

  • RateSetter-

Founded in 2010, this platform is the delight for investors. Anyone with the decent money can put his money on work via this marketplace. Creating something like this is great for both participants and marketplace owner.

  • Zopa-

Zopa is founded with the motive to make money simply for people. Loan seekers and investors can come along here at this p2p marketplace website and do the business. This simply created and effectively working platform is sheer brilliance.

  • Funding Circle-

Business people seeking support use this platform. This platform takes cares of all the money needs while people focus on their business. This platform also works similar to others but there are some traits that make it stand apart. Purpose and process of this marketplace are different from others.

These platforms are on their way to success. Similar to these you can also open a marketplace where you can bring people together to trade. For technical support, IdyaFlow is here for backing you up with the real-time connection of buyers and suppliers with the right proximity by providing the best p2p marketplace template. IdyaFlow helps in creating a community with right buying experience.
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