Sharing Economy and Blockchain

Sharing Economy and Blockchain

With the advent of the sharing economy several things have changed, mainly it resulted in a shift from the conventional method of centralized organizations to decentralized ones. Under the conventional method, the power used to lie in hands of some particular organization which made it a centralized entity. Therefore, these organizations used to cater services among passive consumers’ group. But nowadays,the definition has been molded on the whole new parameters. The concept of decentralized organizationsis growing rapidly, in which, the large operators are considerably accountable to aggregate multiple people’s resources for providing services. The concept of sharing economy is solely based on peer-to-peer contracts, transactions, shareable assets and distributed workforce. Airbnb and Uber are possibly the well-eminent examples of sharing economy websitethat allows people to make money by sharing their cars and homes.

To overcome the drawbacks of the previous conventional concepts which resulted in an imbalance, we are leading towards the rise of Blockchain technology. This facilitates value exchange in a decentralized organization and secure manner without any intermediary needs. Blockchain technology has cut down the dependency of software on a centralized server. Now, the reason behind this is that they can always run on the peer-to-peer network, which is not under the control of any single entity.

This concept really lower downs the costs along with improving transparency and increase the trust within the entities. Moreover, it also simplifies the transactions on the global parameters by making transactions near-instantaneous,even when there is a situation of distributing these payments in several digital wallets at the same time. So, if you are aspiring to start one peer to peer marketplace like Uber or Airbnb and need a platform that can be best for your unique sharing platform, then you need the best peer to peer marketplace template to start your marketplace, then,consider the name of IdyaFlow. Our platform is known to be the provider of secure, responsive and simple templates.IdyaFlow envisions the future where all the business can be community-centric instead of being a product-centric.

We offer website templates that are designed for speeding and fostering the movement of creating suppliers and customers’ meritocratic social community. We provide a community buying experience to our customers with the real-time connection between buyers and suppliers. IdyaFlow’sP2P marketplace template is solely designed for enabling everything whether it is renting some couch rental or buying the legal services.
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