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We Help Entrepreneurs Create The Next Airbnb On Every Product Imaginable!

Product Rental Platforms

Our solution enables you to build a community to better utilize unused products – anything from Power Tools, Farm Equipment, Furniture, Sports Car, Bikes, Baby Gears, Apparel, Camping Equipments, Boats or Caravans – you name it, we have you covered to manage delivery, deposits, insurance, payment options, availability management.

Space Rental Platforms

Product and Space rentals use two different business models. Whether it’s Accommodation, Office Space, Event Space, Storage, Co-living, Seniors Housing, Garage or Parking Space – IdyaFlow platform allows you to configure the marketplace to set up for recurring payments, subscription-model and contracts management.


And Everything Under The Sky

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Photography Equipment Rental Marketplace

Sports Equipment Rental Marketplace

Textbook Rental Marketplace

Charter plane Rental Marketplace

Private bus Rental Marketplace

Spare room Rental Marketplace

Spare office desk Rental Marketplace

Clients To Explore

BOOKMYBOAT – A white labelled premier boat rental platform in Australia powered by IdyaFlow. The platform is a Product-based platform offers a number of complimentary services like “Captain for Hire”, “Fishing Experience” and value-added services like “insurance” and “cleaning”.


BOXBNB – Upcoming space rental platform in Italy connecting home owners to rent their unused space for storage rental. The booking calendar is set at min 1-week rental and weekly subscription-based payment.


TRAVELINGMUNCHKIN– Most sort after baby gear rental platform platform in Canada. This platform connects local parents renting baby mobility/play gears with parents on vacation in their local city. Though a rental platform like BookMyBoat, this platform is a Seller-based platform where the Supplier is profiled and the products are listed under them like a restaurant. The platform makes it extremely easy to rent more products from the same Supplier and add multiple products in a single order.


IdyaFlow is filled with feature rich capabilities to support Rental Marketplace Platforms