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A growing part of the economy is powered by online marketplace platforms and we help individuals and organizations to effectively sell or rent products, services, and spaces to each other.

Embracing Innovation

With 40+ years of collective experience in the Technology industry between the co-founders of IdyaFlow, innovation is part of our DNA and Who We Are. The development and support of IdyaFlow is fully based out of Canada to ensure your data and business model is both safe and secure.


IdyaFlow is like a melting pot of ideas. We have a combination of skills, creativity, and spirit of all the members under one roof and all of this contributes towards the creation of an awesome single product. Among this group of people with diversified backgrounds, there is just so much energy; there’s so much that is happening! Be part of our team. Call us today!

Sharing Economy Evangelists

As the saying goes – You can’t preach what you don’t believe – We envision a future where all businesses will move towards being community-centric and not product-centric as it is today. IdyaFlow is in the centre of  this transformation to foster and speed up this ‘movement’ to create a meritocratic social community of suppliers and customers. This is not just a smart business model, but an opportunity to share and reuse resources and assets efficiently. Not to mention the residual benefits of significantly reducing our overall environmental footprint. And we want to be part of that journey.

Our Mission

At IdyaFlow we believe, sharing is the new buying. We help entrepreneurs create the next Airbnb or Uber on every product and service imaginable. IdyaFlow is a cloud-based online solution for peer-to-peer marketplaces that is simple, secure and intuitive. We enable individuals, entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises to launch a fully functional niche marketplace platform in a few days, with few clicks and at the fraction of the cost.

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Our Team is Located in Edmonton and Vancouver, Canada.

Please reach us via email at info@idyaflow.com or call us at 780 224 0525