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Home Services Platforms

As one of the fastest growing service marketplaces, on-demand home services boast of a $600 billion sector. Our solution enables you to build a community of home service providers and customers (Personal & Business) – anything from landscaping, Cleaning, Repair/Maintenance, Technicians, Handyman, Builders, Decorators, Renovators or Restoration Companies  – you name it, we have you covered to manage scheduling, recurring payment options, availability management and review management.

Health & Wellness Services Platforms

Wellness, the “new black,” is now a status symbol among consumers, who prioritize maintaining their well-balanced physical and mental health. We are experiencing a phenomenon where health is creeping into all aspects of consumer life and experience.  Whether Wellness Tour Operators, Spa services, Yoga Lessons, Sports Private Coaches, Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Pharmacy on-demand – IdyaFlow platform allows you to configure the marketplace to set up for recurring payments, subscription-model and contracts management.


Freelancer Services Platforms

Build an on-demand freelance marketplace to connect creative and professionals like Photographers, Programmers & Developers, Technical Support, Sales & Marketing, Writers & Translators, Business & Finance Gurus or Lawyers for any size project. We support you to configure your marketplace to manage bidding, process payment by task, Hour, milestones or recurring.

Education Services Platforms

The peer-to-peer marketplace space isn’t just for home services, personal services or freelancers, Educators are also using it to find tutoring opportunities and connect with pupils, and recent market trends suggest that opportunities for educators to earn a “side hustle” are likely to expand in the coming years. Help connect music teachers, pottery lessons, private tutors, micro-internships, colleges and universities with employers.

Idyaflow marketplace software
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Clients To Explore

TATTLE– Connecting amazing localities as guides for local experiences when you’are travelling in Canada and Asia. This platform has an advanced inventory manager to support group bookings, bulk-bookings, and donations (free experience) and it is set up to allow Suppliers to accept/reject a booking.


GOBACTIVE – One of the premium white labelled service platforms in Canada connecting outdoor enthusiasts to their adventures. Unlike Tattle, the inventory is set as unlimited and mimics a hotel booking experience.


TECHIEFRIENDS– Upcoming Service Platform connecting technicians directly to the customers. This platform supports availability set to hourly basis and the Supplier can mark his/her availability real-time.

IdyaFlow is filled with feature rich capabilities to support Service Marketplace Platforms