New and Unique Renting Marketplaces Of 2020

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New and Unique Renting Marketplaces Of 2020

Nowadays, online marketplace economy is experiencing great success. Among various marketplace ideas, renting marketplaces are greatly in trend because people these days mostly prefer renting over buying. An online renting marketplace is a money-making and quick business idea, where both vendors and marketplace owners earn great profit. Such marketplace lets a vendor rent out different types of equipment, property or other stuff which is in high demand. On the other hand, the marketplace admin or owner can set a commission fee for delivering the services. If you are thinking to start a marketplace venture then online renting marketplace platform is the finest and lucrative options you can go for. You will find lots of unique renting marketplaces that are getting immense success and popularity.


Turo is one of the trending and renowned renting marketplaces that allow private car owners to rent their vehicles through the online platform. According to a survey report of Turo, in 2017, the marketplace had about four million users registered users and about 170,000 cars of owners were available for rent.


Another best example of renting marketplace is Direct Appliance Rental, which is really a unique and successful marketplace website. The website lets people rent out different equipment, gadgets, and tools like home appliances, kitchen equipment, Smartphones, home entertainment devices, fitness equipment, furniture and so on.


When it comes to equipment renting, Cort is also counted as one of the successful marketplaces. However, unlike Direct Appliance Rental, Cort focuses on renting furniture items only. With this marketplace platform, people can rent out useful furniture items.


Rent the Runway is one more unique renting marketplace that earns good profit. It is a New York-based online renting marketplace that offers rental dress and accessories. As the demand for apparel is never-ending this kind of renting marketplace business idea can be very effective.


Now if you are thinking to launch an online renting marketplace with any such unique idea then we can help you to make it happen. We will offer you a ready-to-launch solution so that you can easily and quickly introduce your online renting marketplace software. IdyaFlow offers an effortless and fastest way to build a peer-to-peer marketplace platform having the optimum features and functionality. With our customizable, unique, and multi-lingual templates, you can create a striking and unique marketplace that can keep the users engaged.


The software is equipped with useful features like social media integration, email notifications, reporting dashboard and so on. Moreover, you can also add some extra features as per your requirements to make the platform absolutely functional and powerful. We have designed responsive software so that it can give a consistent experience to users of different devices like Smartphone, tablets or desktops.


Our aim is to facilitate entrepreneurs to launch their own Uber or Airbnb like marketplace within less possible efforts and time. Right from farm equipment, sports goods, financial services, parking space, to legal services, no matter which marketplace idea you have we will help you to implement it in the best possible way.
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