Payment Systems on a Peer-to-Peer Marketplace

payment solutions for marketplaces

Payment Systems on a Peer-to-Peer Marketplace

Looking for payment systems for your marketplace? Creating your own marketplace and integrating a payment system sounds a lot more difficult than it actually is. An online marketplace is the new-age business model which has given a paradigm shift to the e-commerce industry. It has surpassed the traditional mode of business and integrated buyers and suppliers closely. No matter how small or large an enterprise is, it is mandatory to have a seamless transaction process in order to win the trust of customers.


For instance, if someone is willing to run an online marketplace, they must choose an ideal payment system(payment gateway) that can hold authenticity and safety to its payment procedure. Through credible payment system, user can easily transfer their money from their bank account or credit/debit card and thus, both supplier and the buyer will be benefited altogether.


Key Importance of Payment Systems while Building an Online Marketplace


No matter how versatile your online marketplace is, if you do not have a reliable payment option(payment system), you would not be able to delight your customers. In order to make your online marketplace a successful one, credible peer to peer software incorporated with a P2P payment method is a must-have! For building a payment infrastructure, there are plethoras of payment options that can offer a smooth transaction process. Some of the finest payment systems for marketplaces are mentioned below:

Stripe Connect


Stripe Connect is one of the effectual payment platforms that can virtually support e-commerce, on-demand businesses, crowdfunding, etc. With Stripe Connect, you can effectively customize set payout timing, onboarding, integrated financial reporting, etc. If you want to expand your new market and generate revenue quickly, Stripe Connect will help you a lot.


Paypal is the renowned online payment option having 100 million of users and used by around 7 million enterprises. Paypal ensures 24/7 transaction protection along with fraud prevention measures. It offers you an array of customization options where you can create and send brand invoices with the help of its pre-built templates.



Being the prominent payment getaway, with MangoPay, you can collect the fees, manage the deposits and refund payers to their bank accounts. What’s the best feature Mangopay holds is that you can prepare your own payment flow and design transaction efficiently.

These payment options will definitely aid in providing comprehensive transaction process for supporting your online retail/rental business.

IdyaFlow: Your One-Stop Online Marketplace Software for a Successful Venture


Confused on what to choose from the diverse range of peer to peer platforms? Then you need to end your search in IdyaFlow. We are acclaimed peer-to-peer marketplace software where we have helped numerous organizations and individuals in renting or selling of products/services through our impeccable marketplace software. “Sharing is the new Buying”-that’s what our motto is. Our software allows you to easily integrate payment systems on your marketplace.

If you want to be the next big AirBnb or Uber, then we are here to add value to your business. From excellent payment getaway options, advanced pricing models to other add-on packages, we, IdyaFlow assure you that you will escalate your business in the realm of sharing economy. Not only that, but we also provide excellent marketplace website templates to your website and hence, foster growth to your community-centric business rapidly.
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