Top 5 Sharing Platforms in Food & Drinks

Top 5 Sharing Platforms in Food & Drinks

Sharing economy has given all new dimensions to each and every kind of business that involves trade and exchange of goods, commodities and services. This is a notion that is practically applied to every business. With a sharing economy website which is termed as virtual marketplace, you can start off your community where people can join in and do the business. Food and drink industry is one of a niche where sharing economy has significant influence. People are going to p2p marketplaces to find out the best food deals and have their meal delivered at their place. Restaurants and food outlets are using the same platforms to sell the food. This is a win-win scenario for all three parties: food buyer, food seller and marketplace owners. Before telling how you can build your P2P marketplace website and get going, let’s tell you about top five marketplaces which have changed the food and drink industry for good.


Founded in 2008, this is one of the best and well-known restaurant search and discovery services. It operates in 23 countries including Canada, Australia and USA. Started from scratch, this P2P platform is leading the niche.

Foodie Pages

Food and drink marketplaces are niche anyways, but within that segment, Foodie Pages is targeting even more specific needs. It curates craft food and drink produced in Canada. It is a pure blessing for independent makers and for people who are up for exploring craft food and drinks by independent makers can really look up to this platform.

Chefs plate

Cooking will be easy and effortless if fresh ingredients are delivered to people straight from the farms. This marketplace is for the same. Not just that, they deliver recipes as well. It has become the number one meal kit delivery company of Canada which is making meaningful connections through food.

Uber Eats

Yes, you read it right. Uber is not only cars and transportation; they have made their mark in food and drink marketplaces as well. Uber Eats works like Zomato. Here you will be able to order from the best restaurants of your choice and these guys will deliver to you within no time.


Etsy is not all about the food and drink. This is a marketplace where there are different categories and food and drink is one of them. This is a platform for both buyers and sellers. Etsy is more like Amazon and one can call it a complete marketplace.

These five are really effective food and drink marketplaces. If you are up for making such platform where you can connect food buyers and sellers, then you can totally dive in. With sources like IdyaFlow offering all sorts of technical support, this will be really easy. All you need to do is have a peer to peer marketplace template from IdyaFlow and start off your community. This is the platform that can offer the complete technical support.
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