Simple, Customizable & Responsive Peer-to-Peer Marketplace Platform


What is a Peer-to-Peer Marketplace?

We envision a future where all businesses will move towards being community centric and not product centric as it is today. Idyaflow’s Peer to Peer Marketplace website templates are designed to foster and speedup this ‘movement’ to create a meritocratic social community of suppliers and customers. This is not just a smart business model, but an opportunity to share and reuse resources and assets efficiently. Not to mention the residual benefits of significantly reducing our overall environmental footprint.

At Idyaflow we want to help entrepreneurs launch the next AirBnb or Uber on the idea you are passionate about. We want to help you thinking about building a community to better utilize available resources – anything from power tools to farm equipments, parking space to legal services, personal training to sports goods, events management to financial services. Whatever you are passionate about we are here to support you to be part of the sharing economy.

What Our platform Is:

  • Community Buying Experience: Our P2P platform is designed to enable everything from renting a couch to buying legal services. Idyaflow’s uniqueness is in the social experience that it brings to all interactions.
  • Realtime Connection of Suppliers & Buyers: Our solution fosters community building with real people. Real Time messaging and up-to-date status updates are critical aspects of a social Marketplace.
  • Location is important for your Customers: Proximity is an important aspect of our community centric Marketplace website templates. Interactions over Maps help profile local suppliers.

What Our Platform Is NOT:

  • Not an Ecommerce Solution: If your focus is to sell products from inventory to potential online customers, you should check out sites like Shopify or BigCommerce or Magneto
  • Not a Business Directory Service: You have a community of service providers or assets – say indoor soccer facilities – and all you are looking for is to share their information online – you will be better off with the likes of Kijiji, Craigslist, Yelp or Google My Business or Yellow Pages.
  • Not a Niche Website Builder: You provide a phenomenal person service(E.G legal service) and branding is everything in your business – perhaps Nerdery, Speartek or Heroweb might serve you better.


Peer to Peer Marketplace Templates

Launching Marketplace

  • Signup and setup Marketplace
  • Customize website template features
  • Signup initial suppliers
  • Ready to build your community

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Your Community

  • Market your Marketplace. Spread the word. Be Social!
  • Take Orders deliver them and WOW your customers
  • Feedback Loop Generate reviews and comments
  • Engage your community with exceptional service

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Support For Your Success

  • Partner Services in Graphics Design, Digital Contents, Marketing, Accounting and other business essential services
  • 24/7 support
  • Best Practices FAQs and tutorials

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Backoffice Automation

  • Track & Manage order delivery and payments
  • Automate accounting and revenue splitting
  • Manage customer complaints

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