Top 10 Unique Peer-To-Peer (Or Sharing Economy) Marketplaces

Top 10 Unique Peer-To-Peer (Or Sharing Economy) Marketplaces

Peer-to-Peer marketplaces are a new and upcoming business trends that are riding all over the headlines recently. Online marketplaces simply connect sellers with the buyers or service providers with those who need services. Some of the best multi-vendor marketplaces have brought astonishing revolutions in the way of businesses are operated, and all thanks to these virtual marketplaces, words like “Sharing Economy” have now become buzzwords. The shift is happening where the consumers are beginning to value access over ownership and experiences over assets.

We have listed the top 10 online marketplaces that have adopted the sharing economy model

1. Home Swap

Love Home Swap is a members-only home swapping template which helps in finding the ideal home exchange. This marketplace is just revolutionizing the way people travel. With 50,000+ homes listed, this site is helping people save hefty accommodation costs during the holiday.

2. Personal Vehicle Rental

Turo allows Canadians an option to rent their personal vehicle to needy ones through a simple app. Turo is the first company that introduced peer-to-peer car rental in Canada.

3. On-demand Helper

Air Tasker enables users to get in touch with thousands of skilled people who are ready to do home and office tasks e.g. furniture assembly, data entry and more for a fraction of a cost.

4. Peer-to-Peer Lending

LendingClub was started with the motive to transform the traditional banking system and to make lending more affordable and less regulated.

5. Skills or Talent Sharing

Freelancer is the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace- meeting pit for web programmers, developers, designers, writers and related professionals.

6. Car Sharing

BlaBlaCar simply connects drivers having vacant seats with people who are looking for a ride.  It is an amazing way of optimizing the use of energy and helping people save/earn some extra cash.

7. Knowledge Sharing

Skill Share is an online learning marketplace where the content for wide range of subjects are available. The contents range from design, business, tech, and much more. Anyone can join the millions of members to learn cutting-edge skills, network with peers and discover new opportunities.

8. Vacation home Rental

Airbnb connects homeowners with people who need a place to stay when they’re traveling in a desired neighbourhood at a reasonable price.

9. Co-Working

CoCo lets you share the cost of office rent, utilities, storage, mail, and office supplies with other professionals. This model is a win-win for both the renters and propery managers. It significantly reduces the cost of ownership.

10. Parking Space

Parkatmyhouse lets homeowners to rent out their parking space provi provided me with quick and inexpensive parking options in some of the denser.

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