Canada’s Top 10 Peer to Peer Marketplaces

Canada’s Top 10 Peer to Peer Marketplaces

Being a part of the entrepreneurship is exciting! and We’re seeing more and more people are entering into the world of start-ups with dreams, expectations, motivation and lots of ideas. If these ideas and motivations get the right support, no business will ever fade away. Looking at the worldwide services and businesses, there is nothing that is unexplored. Every kind of service and product is available at offline as well as online marketplaces. However, the biggest opportunity is yet to be fully explored! – Connecting people directly to the community of suppliers and service providers. Connecting people through Canada peer to peer marketplaces and getting them involved in the microeconomy is the newest and the brightest business model.

Everyone would have heard of something called sharing economy, a modern concept where people can exchanging/rent/sell/re-sell products and services in a single platform. No matter what kind of business you do, there is always a scope for embracing the idea of sharing economy. From local transportation, accommodation services to financial services, sharing economy and peer-to-peer marketplaces-business-model can make them accessible to all demographics of people.

The sharing economy is disrupting a wide range of industries. Here we explore why it has so much potential to explore.

Convenience & Affortability

With online platforms that connect customers to its suppliers, sharing economy allows customers to assess
services and products from various suppliers in a central marketplace. It has enabled rental options to luxury
products without sacrificing quality and reducing the cost through borrowing.

Building Trust in the Community

Reputation is the product of the sharing economy. And the technology has made it easier to embed reviews and rating system within their platform to support both the buyer and the supplier, to be honest, and transparent.

Low barrier to entry

The Peer-to-Peer marketplace allows almost anyone to start a business and make a profit. The sharing economy is built around the idea that most of us have things we don’t need or don’t need all the time and turn these unused assets into cash flow.

To show you how good this concept is, we are sharing a list of Top 10 Peer to Peer Marketplaces Canada-

• Turo
• House Trip
• Bixi
• Car2Go
• GoFundMe
• Rocksbox
• DogVacay
• Betfair
• Zilok

Anyone interested to join the elite list of prominent social marketplaces should consider taking support from a peer to peer marketplace platform called IdyaFlow which is the perfect launch pad for any marketplace to take off.
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