Chat Functionality in Marketplaces

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Chat Functionality in Marketplaces

Looking for live chat functions for marketplaces?


According to the recent facts and figures, the results indicate that more than 55 percentile of customers are more likely to abandon the decision of purchasing or investing in your site if you don’t answer to their queries quickly. You may wonder why such thing even happens and the reason is that people trust only those sources that can solve their issues the minute it occurred to them. The online sector is often considered for the very fact that they offer prompt services and when the people don’t receive it; they don’t wait, they switch. That is why having a live chat function in your marketplace is a must.


For an instance, you must have witnessed that when you go to a Peer To Peer marketplace website, you get a pop-up that asks the customers, “how they can help you”. This is referred as chat functionalities. The trend or facility of messaging is no fad or vogue; it’s been in the system for ages. The messaging part in the economic sectors is no longer restricted for communication purposes; it is a way to retain the long-lost customers, logistics, and a way to provide customer support. Moreover, these systems work on the principle of 1 is to 1, which is, the customer can directly chat with the concerned authorities. The P2P marketplace websites offer their customers a way to get connected with the concerned authorities in the form of a separate chat box.


But often the people may wonder why this is even necessary? The increase in the cut-throat competition has led the businesses to adapt to not only the retention and win back strategies, but also to a way that connects them to the customers whenever required. Such strategy not only increases the customer’s trust in the business, but it will prove to be more of a personalized approach which is targeted to win the customers. In the race of survival of the fittest, only those businesses can be declared as a clear winner who offers a rich user experience as well as a way to help them out when they have a query or second thoughts to be more precise.


Furthermore, the live chat function help the marketplace owners by offering better conversion rates which is required to fulfill the sales objectives and aims. The online market is flooded with the sellers who try their level best to lure the customers, and in such testing times, the customers may feel confused whether they should purchase your product or look more? This is where the chat functionalities in the marketplace play a major role. It expunges the thought or confusion from the very root of the system.


At IdyaFlow, we have come up with a platform that was designed specifically to offer a real-time connection between the customers and the sellers. We understand that these are very imperative for a social marketplace, and hence our P2P marketplace software offers you the same live chat functionality. If you want to start your own peer-to-peer marketplace, we can offer you the best templates on the market
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