Initial Marketing Methods to Build Marketplaces

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Initial Marketing Methods to Build Marketplaces

Have you ever witnessed what it takes for the sharing economies to prosper or come into action? For an instance Uber doesn’t have the cars of its own or even a balance sheet to keep the record of the drivers who drive their vehicles. Astonished? This is all possible thanks to two sided marketplace software. Yes, it is indeed true! The startups or the biggest sharing economy website are operating due to the symbiotic relationship it shares between the buyers and the users. But another question that needs our immediate attention is- what if there are not enough buyers, would the producers or sellers still choose your platform or what if there aren’t enough sellers, would the customers opt for your products?


A successful marketplace is a virtuous cycle, to be more precise, it means the two-sided marketplace. Until and unless you don’t have something meaningful to offer, why would someone opt for your platform in the very first place? But creating such peer to peer marketplace website or achieving the balance in the same is a daunting task. Therefore, we have summoned the important points or marketing methods to build marketplaces, which are as follows-


  1. For Buyers-


The old adage goes like if you build it, they will come. If you don’t have something of value to offer to your dear customers, what’s the purpose of even selling? Mostly, the marketplace owners put all of their efforts into seeding the buyers without focusing on the sellers. In order to attract the sellers, you need to tell them what you are providing and how your selling methods are different than the others.


Only when the customers or the buyers are aware of this, they will be ready to invest their resources into a new platform. Now you might be thinking how this will be possible. The answer to this is very simple- Content. The content marketing is a way where you can communicate, engage as well as empower the platform. But for this, you need to work well on your persuasion skills.


You can also keep them informed and glued by using the right words that trick their mind and persuades them that you have what they are seeking this entire time. Therefore, there’s no denying the fact that the quality content is the king! The greater the content the more it will show higher in the search engine’s results.


  1. For Sellers-


The result of the recent statistics indicates that keeping the new customers is very expensive as compared to luring new customers. The email marketing is a tool that helps the marketplace owner with targeting the right audience of buyers, in which you can highlight the strong points. This technique can be your proposal but provided if used well.


  1. Community Building-


The popular startups today are an example of a community marketplace. The platforms stand true for the purpose of providing something of value to its users as well as sellers such that they can interact on it as well. The popular names have referred the community as the soul and heart of the marketplace. For the same, you will have to connect with the audience, know where they are from and what they are looking for. A community is nothing more than the platform that keeps the buyers and sellers connected by offering them a source to communicate and collaborate that cuts the need of the middlemen. And when such a thing happens the people no longer need to depend on the intermediaries as well as the cost is reduced. The sharing economy marketplace website will complement your business functioning’s and aims.


We at IdyaFlow allow you to empower and build your marketplace by offering top-notch peer to peer templates and software. We offer customized marketing mechanisms and methods that best suits your business or marketplace functioning.
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