Importance of Peer Reputation on Sharing Platform

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Importance of Peer Reputation on Sharing Platform

The transformation in the e-commerce field intends to change the dynamics of the business world. No one can deny the fact that the rise of the sharing economy has given an entirely new dimension to the e-commerce industry where the relationship between the buyers and suppliers has gotten a lot stronger. However, simply running a sharing economy would not guarantee an entrepreneur a life-long success. Credibility and trust play a pivotal role in attracting potential customers to rent/sell services seamlessly. That’s where the reputation of sharing platform plays its card! Buying products from a stranger at a P2P marketplace can involve economic risks and generate asymmetric information which can further put your client’s investment in danger.

In order to build a marketplace that can escalate the level of online trading, sharing profile and showing genuine reviews is necessary in order to give customers a kind of verification so that they would be assured to procure the services without worrying about your authenticity. After all, an authentic marketplace is everything when it comes to attracting the key audience and generating revenues. Airbnb, one of the biggest players in the sharing economy, presents the identity of the host along with the photograph of living space which truly depicts what is it that you require to earn trust from the customers. The incorporating of such feature has significantly increased the online presence and reduced ambiguity in the best possible way.

Asserting seller’s identity is the foremost step in strengthening online marketplace which eventually leads to the improvement of online research and trust building. Consumer’s trust can truly determine how far your business can go, no matter how lucrative your products and services are. If you want to initiate your career with online peer-to-peer marketplace then these aforementioned points will give you an insight on how to lay a strong foundation of your online business.

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