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Product Delivery Platforms

Click. Order. Pay. Due to online shopping, parcel deliveries worldwide are now estimated to grow as much as 9% per year and the legacy shippers don’t have the capacity or network to quickly deliver parcels. This has opened cracks in the space and presented a significant opportunity for last mile delivery marketplace platform startups to emerge. With IdyaFlow, manage the scheduling and availability of your delivery providers as a pro.

Grocery Delivery Platforms

Everyone needs to eat, but not everyone likes to shop. In a world where the time crunch is constantly crunching harder, and the search for organic food, plenty of people happily pay to have someone else get their groceries. IdyaFlow’ Peer-to-Peer Delivery Marketplace platform will give the customers the control to select the delivery provider based on the quality (review), cost and expectations from a store or directly from the farmers. With the current one-size-fits -all approach of the current single delivery provider has a lot of room for improvement and we are here to help you create the niche.

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Idyaflow Delivery Marketplace

Food Delivery Platforms

Online food-delivery marketplace platforms are expanding choice and convenience, allowing customers to order from a wide array of restaurants with a single tap of their mobile phone. Contact us for a demo of our food-delivery marketplace template to enable consumers to compare offerings and order meals from a group of restaurants through a single delivery marketplace platform and opening a new segment of the restaurant market to home delivery: higher-end restaurants that traditionally did not deliver.

And Everything Under The Sky

Pet Food Delivery Marketplace

Alcohol Delivery Marketplace

Dry Cleaning & Laundry Delivery Marketplace

School Lunch Delivery Marketplace

Meat & Poultry Delivery Marketplace

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Clients To Explore

TRAVELINGMUNCHKIN– Most sort after baby gear rental platform platform in Canada. This platform connects local parents renting baby mobility/play gears with parents on vacation in their local city. Though a rental platform like BookMyBoat, this platform is a Seller-based platform where the Supplier is profiled and the products are listed under them like a restaurant. The platform makes it extremely easy to rent more products from the same Supplier and add multiple products in a single order. The Platform also includes delivery-as-a-service to drop the rented baby/kids gear at the designated location.

IdyaFlow is filled with feature rich capabilities to support Delivery Marketplace Platforms