Create the Next Uber or Airbnb

creaate the next airbnb or uber

If we have a look at the global markets we see two off beat companies making a lot of buzz. These two giants own almost zero inventory and still are at the top of their businesses. They provide customers with the services they want and provide resource or asset owners with an opportunity to earn money from their hitherto idle resources.


One of these companies is the global leader in hospitality services and the other one is a taxi giant. Yes, you guessed it right, these two companies are Airbnb and Uber. While Airbnb has no real estate ownership, Uber has no taxis of its own. You might be wondering that what is it then that is the secret ingredient to the success of these companies. The answer is p2p marketplace software. It is what you will need to create the next Airbnb or Uber.


Both these companies work on the simple ideology of making customers and service providers meet. They earn their billions in revenue by taking a small transaction charge while asset owners reach their potential clients. This simple model is built on p2p marketplace software and is the key to their success.


While now you must be thinking of all the idle assets that you posses and would want to make money out of it, but stop and think again. While you can find a number of two sided marketplace software builders, it is very necessary to trust the best.


No doubt Uber and Airbnb are examples of success; there is no dearth of failed ideas as well. To be able to compete with these giants, you need a very professional p2p marketplace software provider. To sustain your business based on this model, you can get the best software with tons of added advantages from IdyaFlow and easily create a marketplace just like Uber or Airbnb.


We at IdyaFlow not only provide you with a trusted place to build your online p2p market but also offer various other advantages, some of which are:

  • Multi-Lingual Interface: We provide translation options in a number of languages to meet the needs of your local and global clients.
  • Payment Gateway: We provide you with the option to accept payments from a variety of credit and debit cards and much more
  • Social Media Integration: Your market place build with our software will be integrated with all major social media platforms.
  • Mobile Responsible Design: With our software, you get a mobile site as well; the customer experience will be equally efficient both on laptop/PC and on mobile sites.
  • E-mail Notifications: We provide you with email notifications for all that happen on your site in order to keep you updated with anything and everything. You will never miss out on activities at your site.
  • Cancellations and Refunds: We also offer you an option to design a cancellation and refund policy that will help your customers.


Compete with Uber or Airbnb

With us at IdyaFlow you get the support of best marketplace builder to sky rocket your business and compete with the business giants and Airbnb, Uber and others. Don’t wait, let the ideas flow!
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