IdyaFlow provides you with a variety of tools to help you to set up and scale your marketplace

The core features are the foundation of IdyaFlow platform and each IdyaFlow pricing plan offers an option to buy a variety of add-on features. There is no one specific plan that works for every business, but use COMPARE PLANS to help you decide what plan works for you the best.


Search by keywords, availability, categories, and on a map. Create customized search experiences and filter on any number of custom attributes on the listings..


The translation features allows every field on both the storefront and admin app application translated into your language of preference, making the marketplace truly personalized.

Responsive Design

Our software is designed to optimize page-load time and create a responsive interface on mobiles, tablets, and desktops. You can view all vital information about your marketplace from your iOS or Android devices.

Email Notification

Whether its new orders, payments, upcoming expirations, ratings, reminders, or even advice, your platform will be able to send short and informative emails to your clients for every important event you want them to know.

Admin Portal

Admin Portal allows marketplace admins to configure the settings, default pricing, default fees and manage the various facets of the marketplace business.

Supplier Portal

The centralized intuitive Supplier Portal allows suppliers to manage their listings, availabilities, customers, orders, payments and ratings.

Custom Domain

It is your marketplace and the domain name should reflect your brand. Our intent is to make the marketplace look & feel of your business in every way.

Custom Homepage

Are you an established business and do not want to reinvent the branding on our template ? No problem. We support custom homepages and integrate seamlessly.

Payment Gateway

The marketplace has built-in integration to Stripe payment gateway. It allows your providers to receive money straight to their bank account and accept all of the major credit cards.

Reporting Dashboard

The marketplace is integrated with Google Analytics to track sales, supplier performance, revenue, customer visits, and referrals. The visualization enables you to track trends and isolate problem areas with comprehensive reports and alerts.

Cancellation & Refunds

Allows you to choose between 2 types of cancellation policies: strict (for more restrictive cancellations) or relaxed (for 100% refunds). Customer reimbursements can be fully automated, depending on the rules set by you.

Escrow Accounts

To streamline transactions, your marketplace will put payments in escrow and only release them when all conditions are met.

Choose a plan that suits the size and stage of your business