Why P2P Marketplaces Need To Provide Unique Value to Users

Why P2P Marketplaces Need To Provide Unique Value to Users

Opening a P2P marketplace is no more a hardball game. With P2P marketplace software, you can have templates and create your own community within no time. Strong technical support is available and thus, getting into the realm of sharing economy isn’t a big deal. The big deal is the survival and the user retention. You have a great business idea, good. You have strong technical support, very well. You are able to create a community, well and good. But, do you know how to lure the people to join the marketplace and how to make them stay for the long run? Most probably, you don’t have any solution for the latter queries.

To make sure that you are giving a good experience to your customers and to make new people join your community, you need to offer them unique values. Similar to yours, there would be many marketplaces doing the same work. In order to get on top of your competition, you must offer unique values that can make your customers trust you. Here are the three of unique values that you can offer to your users-
• Safety
In the Maslow’s hierarchy, safety is placed as the second most important fundamental aspect. When trading or exchanging, everyone looks for safety assurance. If you are providing a safe and risk-free environment, then you are ahead of half the competition.
• Lower fees
If you want the user to stay in the marketplace, you need to model the process in such a way that they don’t feel you are charging a lot. Most of the P2P marketplace websites charge a lot which is a major turnoff for customers.
• Automation tools
What are the tools that you are offering and how effective those tools are, this is a matter of concern for you. If you don’t have much of a technical brain and that territory is out of your mastery, then you can leave these things to the facility which is offering you the technical support. There is no way you can open a marketplace without the technical knowledge or support. There are platforms which offer you credible support and those platforms can easily take care of automation tools and similar needs.

Offer these three unique values to your customers and you will have a fruitful marketplace on your name. Talking about the platform to ask technical support from, well IdyaFlow is here to your rescue. This is a platform which provides you sharing economy template so you can create your own marketplace. With IdyaFlow, all your technical support concerns are sorted.

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