Social Marketplaces


Social Enterprise

The sharing economy has accelerated the social enterprises using

Collaborative Consumption

A theme is a template that determines the way that your marketplace looks and feels. Different themes have different styles and layouts, and offer a different experience for your suppliers and customers.


  • IdyaFlow provides a configurable and intuitive tools in the Admin to customize the templates, email templates and messages to suit your unique brand
  • IdyaFlow templates are by default in English and include translations of all of the text content in your marketplace, such as labels, contact information, order, and checkout information
  • IdyaFlow Admin allows Suppliers to set up locations at the listing level to track inventory and fulfill orders by locations

Collaborative Re-distribution

The Productivity Tools are designed to support you ways to speed up some frequent IdyaFlow admin tasks to help you keep track of your orders.


  • Admin Search: Use search feature to find suppliers, customers, orders, products or payments
  • CSV Files: Use the download feature to export large sets of Supplier, Customer and Order data from IdyaFlow Admin
  • Bulk Action: List product/services on behalf of your suppliers and reassign them when the suppliers are ready to manage them independently

IdyaFlow is filled with feature rich capabilities, made especially for you