One-stop Destination for the P2P Software Based on Blockchain Technology

One-stop Destination for the P2P Software Based on Blockchain Technology

The blockchain is the most trending topic these days and has made a lot many people learn what it revolves around and why is it necessary. But coming to a conclusive statement for a non-technical person, it is a quite a difficult concept to comprehend as they are unaware of the term and basic information related to it. Let’s try together to get the fundamental points of Blockchain.

Blockchain technology is basically an incorruptible decentralized technology that is transparent and solves the issue of data manipulation. Here, decentralization means that the network operates on peer-to-peer basis, which eventually means reducing the dependency on the centralized server. Eliminating the intermediary functions is the highlighting point of Blockchain technology. The blockchain is bubbling under the surface of many industries, generating trust systems that cut off the traditional profiteering systems, which have helped in enabling the nascent sharing economy template.

Basically, in a Peer to Peer network, the user utilizes and provides the groundwork of the network, though providing the related resources is solely voluntary. Each peer, commonly referred as a node in networking terms, is considered equal. In such case, a peer ideally makes a segment of computing resources such as processing power, disk storage or network bandwidth which is straightly accessible to other participants without the involvement of any stable host or server’s central coordination.

Despite the fact that all the nodes are equal, they can perform different functions within the Blockchain network. Now if we talk about the case of the full node, on a particular device, the entire Blockchain is copied while the device is associated with or connected to the particular network.

These days, many sharing economy website like Airbnb and Uber are even using the technology of Blockchain to provide a transparent and meaningful interaction between consumers. Blockchain technology can offer better levels of security and service to their customers, hence is very much in trend and is widely accepted in almost every sector.

Many companies are hoping to create a better and effective tool that allows accessing the banking services just through a simple connection of internet for the users residing in developed and undeveloped regions. As the blockchain technology removes the dependency of the centralized trust system, banking can be now scaled to meet the requirements of users in those areas where the presence of remoteness or infrastructure is limited.

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