How Sharing Economy and Clothing Goes Together

How Sharing Economy and Clothing Goes Together

Sharing economy is a phenomenon amongst the Millennials, which are a generation born between 1980’s and 2000’s. The concept of sharing economics is flourishing because this generation can resonate it. Sharing economy is a concept that has its impacts on all kinds of industries and working segments.

For the matter of fact, a lot of unique working niches are being created because of the phenomena called sharing economy. From car rental, accommodation, Fintech, animal care to fashion, there is a number of sharing economy concepts happening across the world. The concept is so popular because it is really easy to get into it; all you need to do is have a business idea and sharing economy marketplace website.

Amongst so many sharing economy concepts, here in this article, we will be talking about the clothing and fashion. Extending the logic of sharing economy in the respect of clothing, some upcoming startups have started allowing people to rent out their wardrobes to those who need the clothing for one or two times. The premise behind the whole idea is that instead of investing heavily in designer clothes and expensive attires, people could just rent the elite clothing from those who are having the clothes but are not using them at the moment.

Young and explorative millennials can get on top of their fashion game without investing much in big labels. With a P2P marketplace websites, anyone can bring both the parties on the same platform and allow them to catch up in the trade. This is not something that is purely new, there are international startups sporting this idea such as Stage 3, Rent the Runways, Flont, Rent A Closet, StyleBank and more.

However, the number of startups is not much and people have still time to make an entry in this segment. They won’t find much of competition if they have worked enough on their basic idea and executions. If you are also finding this segment relevant and enticing, then the field is all open for you, have a marketplace and connect people to get things work in your favor.

Creating a marketplace isn’t a hard job either, as IdyaFlow is here for you. It is a platform that provides you P2P marketplace template for creating the sharing economy marketplace. It is simple, easy, responsive and customized. Use this platform to dive into the realm of sharing economy.
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