Add-On Features

IdyaFlow provides you with a variety of tools to help you to set up and scale your marketplace

In addition to the core features, the Basic pricing plan offers an option to buy the below add on features targeted specifically for the first-time entrepreneurs. Using our experience working with 100’s of start-ups, we have put together the features list that is light-weight and perfect to validate your marketplace idea.

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Customer Account Management

Customer Account Management - registration, login, social login, password resets, profile, order payment and Review status/history.

Inventory Management

Helps suppliers with inventory management. Max number & Min numbers at the order level, workflow around restock levels.

Availability Management

Supports adding availability functionality around setting the booking by date/time. Ability to allow search product/service by date in the storefront.

In-App Messaging

Allows instant messages between suppliers and their customer within the marketplace. The messages are accessible from the Customer profile and Admin console.

SEO Support

Support for customizing on-page search engine fields for products - Title, Description and Keywords.

External Analytics

Integration with Google analytics and Facebook pixels to track and report analytics on marketing and ad campaigns.

Ratings & Review

The built-in rating system allows making two-way (suppliers and customers rate each other) ratings.


This feature allows Suppliers to create products/services for donations purposes to encourage giving within the platform.

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