June 2019

creaate the next airbnb or uber

The transformation in the e-commerce field intends to change the dynamics of the business world. No one can deny the fact that the rise of the sharing economy has given an entirely new dimension to the e-commerce industry where the relationship between the buyers and suppliers has gotten a lot stronger. However, simply running a sharing economy would not guarantee an entrepreneur a life-long success....

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payment solutions for marketplaces

Looking for payment systems for your marketplace? Creating your own marketplace and integrating a payment system sounds a lot more difficult than it actually is. An online marketplace is the new-age business model which has given a paradigm shift to the e-commerce industry. It has surpassed the traditional mode of business and integrated buyers and suppliers closely. No matter how small or large an enterprise...

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marketplace software

Nowadays, online marketplace economy is experiencing great success. Among various marketplace ideas, renting marketplaces are greatly in trend because people these days mostly prefer renting over buying. An online renting marketplace is a money-making and quick business idea, where both vendors and marketplace owners earn great profit. Such marketplace lets a vendor rent out different types of equipment, property or other stuff which is in...

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