Top Sharing Economy Friendly Cities

Economy friendly cities

Top Sharing Economy Friendly Cities

Sharing economy has significantly taken the world by storm. Its growth trajectory has drastically connected owners and users which have led to the escalation of productivity. Unlike traditional mode of business, running a sharing economy is undoubtedly the wisest way of utilizing goods and resources in the most optimum way. Sharing Economy is all about swapping, sharing and renting services on trustworthy peer to peer software. In recent scenario, rapid growth of sharing economy has been witnessed across the cities and it has now dominated the market! No matter whether it is about peer-to-peer transportation, accommodation or collaborative finance, some prominent cities have established their flagship due to their effectiveness in the usage of the available resources. Here are the top cities that are redefining the sharing economy:


  1. Seoul-The Heart of South Korea


Seoul is the fastest growing sharing economy city which has been applauded for its project “Sharing City Seoul”. Through this project, it has paved the way for public bicycle sharing, car-pooling, parking lot sharing, etc. By the year 2017, Seoul has successfully established 97 sharing enterprises and is now collaborated with other cities to promote sharing services.


  1. Barcelona-The Rise of Time Banks


A popular city in Spain, Barcelona takes immense pride in launching the project “Programme of Time and Caring Economy” in association with Family and Health Association where time is utilized to help others in day-to-day activities. Right now, Barcelona has got around 28 time banks in their peer-to-peer networks which strongly support collaborative consumer initiatives, knowledge-sharing networks and exchange markets. Promoting such civic initiatives has significantly promoted the values of reciprocity, solidarity and cooperation.


  1. Melbourne- The Hub of Artistic Heritage Culture


Melbourne is considered to be one of the top sharing economy cities for its mind-boggling food sharing sector. With its commendable food sharing initiatives, Melbourne has opened enormous peer-to-peer marketplaces for food sharing which is expected to rise up to 25%.

Not only that, Melbourne has also paved the way for other community-sharing initiative such as reusing electrical appliances, accessibility to unused city sites, etc.


  1. London- Capital of Big Ben


One of the popular tourist attractions across the globe, London has recently made a collaborative approach namely Crowdfunding London. The aim of launching such project is to raise the fund for a project through people online!


  1. Kamaishi City, Japan-Hosting Rugby World Cup, 2019


One of the eminent cities in Japan, Kamaishi City has contributed a key role in sharing economy. It has recently signed a contract with Airbnb in the year 2016 for structuring sharing platform for community sites and farmhouse accommodation. It has also built relationship with COGICOGI for promoting car and cycling sharing service.


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