Top 5 B2B sharing platforms

Business to Business Sharing Platforms

Nowadays when we think of top businesses, there is a high chance that the company is based on the B2B model. If you think about business today, you will more often than not encounter a business built on rental marketplace software. Airbnb and Uber are the perfect examples of these types of businesses. If you are not sure what B2B means, it is a platform where the businesses interact with other businesses instead of customers. It is like one business is the customer of another business. The top 5 B2B sharing platforms that are changing the face of business today are:


  • Started in 1999 by Jack Ma, it is Chinese based B2B platform and the largest one. It is a prominent e-commerce place for small and medium enterprises across the globe.
  • Connecting 1.2 billion suppliers with over 6.5 million buyers and importers from across the globe, is helping a lot of people generate decent profits.
  • While is not exactly a B2B and is a more of manufacturer to business platform, it is helping global buyers get in touch with accredited Chinese manufacturing companies for all their needs from toys to textiles and more
  • Founded in 2003, this B2B portal can be used by international business to interact and trade with each other without any fears. It is facilitating effective and efficient international trade.
  • With its base in South Korea this B2B platform that came into existence in 1997, has till now successfully managed to help many SMEs rise and shine.

While all these major B2B platforms and even the various other B2C platforms have their diverse success stories, there is one thing that binds them all. And this binding thread is two sided marketplace software on which they are built.


B2B Marketplace


We at IdyaFlow believe that there is nothing that is impossible. You just need the right platform for it. And to build the right platform for all sorts of ideas, you need software. Does the idea of having to manage a software scare you? If you are not the one who can manage coding and want a platform that is just ready to use, we can help you out. With our ‘no coding required’ software you can get a simple, secure as well as responsive platform for all your marketplace needs. Whether it is rental or white label marketplace platform that you are looking for, we at IdyaFlow can help you with everything.


Our team believes in letting all ideas get the right directional flow and would be happy to help you with your needs. We not only help make business easy for everyone, but also promote sharing and optimum utilization of resources. We are a company aimed at brilliance in all what we do.


With our easy to use, manage and handle software, you will get full updates about your business and also would be able to contribute your bit in reducing the exploitation and under-utilization of resources. We match you with your needs and make sure you can help people get the match to their consumption or business needs.


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