Premium Add-On Features

IdyaFlow provides you with a variety of tools to help you to set up and scale your marketplace

Have you identified your niche market and ready to scale-up? The scale-up pricing plan is the best option covering all needed features to manage any type of marketplace in your journey with an option to buy all the below add-ons to make your marketplace unique.

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Supplier Controlled Order Booking

This feature allows Suppliers to accept the order before the customer can complete the transaction. Payments are processed after supplier acceptance.

Advanced Inventory Management

This feature allows Suppliers to set inventory of tickets for events based marketplaces. The inventory settings will allow to set up quantities at the product level.

Advanced Document Management

This feature allows the ability for customer uploads specific document at checkout. Also allows the suppliers to upload specific additional document at the time of account activation.

Subscription Based Membership

Is your platform for an exclusive community of B2B or B2C Suppliers? This feature allows you the ability to charge subscription fee on supplier registrations.

Split Payment Management

Complex payment processing settings: Ability to charge 100% when booking is less than x days . OR Charge y% when booking is over x days and charge the rest at 'number of days to booking'/2

Advanced Search Management

This feature allows Admin to setup Proximity Search and Map based Search.

Personalized Mobile App

Do you need to provide a user experience that feels more like a gaming interface or native functions of the smartphone? This package enables access on Native mobile App for Customers. Will support iOS and Android.

Advanced Settings

Save customer payment details for future transactions. Bulk Settings: Ability to change the Suppliers at a listing level

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