October 2018

sharing economy

Facts on sharing economy:   Statistics Canada's recent release describes a new sector of the Canadian economy that's growing fast: 2.7 million Canadian adults "participated in the sharing economy" between November 2015 and October 2016, spending $1.31 billion in the process. As of December 2015, funding for projects that are part of the Collaborative Economy industry is already almost five times what the most successful social networks. According...

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b2b marketplaces

PEER-TO-PEER SHARING   The fast-growing economy of monetizing unused or underused asset goes by many names: the “sharing economy,” the “gig economy,” the “on-demand economy,” and the “collaborative economy.” Whether sharing goods as in Uber, renting homes as in Airbnb, or serving up micro-skills as in TaskRabbit, consumers are using technology to find and buy one another’s extra resources.  These companies are peer-to-peer marketplaces focused on C2C...

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